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Connection with nature has grown in me from my childhood because of my father who cultivated fruit and vegetable. Growing up so close to nature allowed me to learn the regularities of biology. That is why I chose to become a gardener. First I finished the horticulture high school in Malinov, then I studied at the university in Budapest and got a diploma in horticulture. Later I did a postgraduate studies and got a doctorate in less known kinds of fruit. I worked as special agronomist for 23 years in the Cooperative farm Svodin where we introduced cultivation of kiwi and sea buckthorn as the first one in Czechoslovakia. The first planting of fruit apple trees was done in my own orchard in 1992 and in 1997 I extended it by planting peaches and plums. Since looking after my own orchards took a lot of my work and time I decided to quit my job at the Coop farm and in 2006 I started my own business. I run typical family business with my son who is an engineer of agro-economics.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy diet are very important for us. That is why we chose to do organic agriculture. Our orchards are checked by inspection and certification authority Naturalis SK. All our products have the organic certificate. As the well-known saying claims "You are what you eat" we want to add "and what you drink as well".

Since 2009 we have joined the project "Fruit for schools" supported by the European Union. We deliver fresh fruit and 100% juices to 66 pre-schools and elementary schools.

We produce several kinds of 100% ORGANIC fruit juices with fruit pulp - from apples, peaches and plums. We work hard to satisfy the requirements and wishes of our customers. Never ending work on high professional level became our routine. In 2013 we plan to add other kinds of juices to our product portfolio (pear, red currant, black currant, black cherry, apricot, grape, strawberry, sea buckthorn) and also vegetable juices (carrot, tomato, red beet). We also plan to make jams of exceptional and premium quality without adding sugar in the near future.